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Carla Genevieve Webb and Steven Robert Kennedy

Carla Genevieve Webb is a former 13 year member of the Vancouver City Police. After working the beat in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and witnessing the devastating effects of drug addiction she was determined to find a solution that not only focussed on prevention and education but empowered youth and adults to make healthy lifestyle choices. With this goal in mind she co-founded Empowered by Horses As lead facilitator, Carla uses the herd dynamics of horses as an effective model for building upon and developing inner courage and respectful leadership skills. Her passion is to empower girls and women to live heart centred lives by developing the horse-human connection.

Carla has partnered with horses for over forty years. She has extensive knowledge and showing experience in reining (traditional and freestyle) and both western and english disciplines. She is influenced by the work of Linda Kohanov (The Way of the Horse), Carolyn Resnick (Water Hole Rituals), and Mark Rashid (Passive Leadership), is an Equine Guided Development Facilitator (Chiron’s Way) is a Life Coach (Erickson College) and has a BA in psychology (SFU). Carla is a professional horse coach and trainer, and is the founder of Unbridled Potentialan academy dedicated to forging safe, respectful and trusting bonds between horses and people. Her work is about empowering heart centred leadership at home, at work and in the arena. She is currently working on incorporating her love of dance and movement into her teachings.

Steven Robert Kennedy

If Carla is the heart of Anam Cara’s equine programs, Steve Kennedy is the farm’s backbone. He is the consummate man of the land with knowledge of agriculture, animals, carpentry and machinery all embedded in a deep and enduring love of nature. He is usually found wielding a hammer and saw, mucking the stalls or fixing the tractor but he is also the go to man when Carla needs an extra hand in teaching. The farm, he says, teaches you that no job is too small or too menial. It’s about teamwork, looking after one another and having fun. That is what is important.

Whether videoing life on the farm (www.afarmlife.ca) or talking to a group of young teens Steve is also a skillful and unassuming storyteller. He naturally engages his audience, helping you feel you are there with him experiencing the tale as it happens. Although his stories are influenced from years of adventuring into the wilds Steve has a profound appreciation for life’s little things. Richness, he says, is found in normal everyday events, and his tales are artfully woven together with poignancy and humour. Anam Cara Farm and Learning Centre is not only Steve’s home but as the Celtic name implies it is a place of belonging; a place of community.

Carla and Steve share Anam Cara Farm and Learning Centre with seven horses (including two rescued minis); five sheep, three dogs, four cats, and four chickens.

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