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Heritage Pigs

Welcome to these seven little piglets born July 4, 2018 

Bernadette and Finn

Availailable to approved homes at the end of August – inquire at carla@empoweredbyhorses.com

How we got started

In early 2015 my sister, a dog trainer and fellow animal lover suggested we look into a heritage breed of pig known as the Kune Kune. Although still quite rare in Canada this New Zealand breed has made a resounding comeback from its near extinction in the ‘70s. My partner, Steve, and I knew nothing about pigs but were intrigued with the idea of expanding our farm family. After extensive online research and two field trips we were committed: Kune Kunes are friendly, docile and smart and more than easy to fall in love with.

After locating a breeder in Olympia, Washington, we started the importation process. Our initial idea of having one pig soon transformed into three piglets and a plan for a small breeding program. In December 2016 we packed up Finn (nee Galileo), Scarlett and Bernadette and headed for the Canadian border. After a month in quarantine, we introduced the piglets to the rest of our family which includes horses, sheep, dogs and cats.

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Kune Kunes both individually and as a breed. Their intelligence exceeds that of dogs and, more importantly, as our therapeutic work on the farm is based on relationship, they seem open and willing to developing loving connections. Finn, Bernadette and Scarlett are often included in our programs where children and youth can hop in their space to give them a greeting, a snuggle or even read them a story.

Bernadette – AKKPS 4032 The Iron Horse Farm Tapeka 15

Bernadette, born 8/14/2016, is registered brown and white. Her size is typical of the Kune Kune breed with flopped ears and dished face, a long body and straight back. Approximate weight: 160 lbs

Bernadette’s temperament is also characteristic of this breed. She is highly social, curious, intelligent and gentle, and loves a good chin and belly scratch. As a first time mom her pregnancy and delivery went well. Her nurturing instinct is demonstrated by her excellent mothering skills. She is very tolerant of people in her space when nursing and also with people interacting with her piglets.

Scarlett – AKKPS 4035 The Iron Horse Farm Jenny 14

Scarlett, born 7/17/2016, is registered tri-colour. She is a smaller sow with an athletic build, pricked ears, short snout, straight legs, and a strong back. Scarlett is quick, agile and the first to grunt hello to visitors. While calm and laid back she also enjoys the occasional sprint in the field. Approximate weight: 130 lbs

Finn (Galileo) – AKKPS 3257 The Iron Horse Farm Te Whangi 25

Finn, born 3/18/2016, is registered tri-colour. We fell in love with Finn the moment we met him. Never would we have believed that an intact male could be so calm, gentle and loving. Finn is the first to drop for a belly rub and is easy to handle, medicate, or trim toes. By looking in his eyes you can sense his high level of intelligence. He has a solid body, strong legs, pricked ears and a beautiful face. He is incredibly kind to children. Approximate weight: 180 lbs

How we raise our litters

Our breeding program is small;thoroughly dedicated to nurturing the Kune Kune’s naturally docile temperament through gentle, mindful raising along with basic skills training. Unlike kittens and puppies, piglets are born with eyes and ears open ready to hit the ground running. From day one we interact with the piglets so that they are comfortable with humans. Similar to an early socialization and enrichment program for puppies, our piglets are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and smells, given access to a number of different surfaces to walk on (grass, gravel, concrete, ramps), and exposed to a number of people in a positive manner.We also get them started on with the foundation of litter box training, coming when called, polite manners/sitting for meals and harness/leash familiarization.

Although their innate ability to squeal is strong, we get them used to being picked up and held as well as having their trotters touched and handled for hoof trimming. But it’s not all work for these piglets, they are given regular doses of belly rubs to induce a sense of calm and relaxation.

Is a Kune Kune right for you?

  • Are pigs allowed where you live? Check your municipality by laws.

  • Are you committed to being the family to your pig during its lifetime 12-15 years?

  • Do you have the space and financial means to care for your pig?

  • Do you have a vet that is familiar with pigs? Will the vet do a home/farm call or are you able to load up and drive the pig to the vet?

Thinking of purchase?

Our goal is to find the best fit for our piglets with a forever home in a family able to provide the best life for them. Like any animal, it is a long-term commitment. We encourage potential families to do as much research as possible to know what to expect and what is necessary to have these lovely piglets thrive. For example, although small at birth, Kune Kunes can still grow up to weigh 200-250 lbs. The last thing we want is for any of our adopted-out piglets to be found unsuitable and end up in a rescue.
If interested in purchasing one of our piglets, please fill in our application form. (link here)

Sales Policy

Once a family has been selected to purchase one of our piglets, a contract is signed to solidify the commitment and create a process to manage any changes that may occur with their new family. 

If your application to purchase is approved, you will be required to sign a sales contract.

What we love about Kune Kunes

  • very friendly, docile and easy to be around

  • one of the only breeds that can get much of their nutrition from grazing grass

  • they root very little due to their short snout thus subjecting fields to minimal impact

  • non-aggressive and safe to be around (our intact male, Finn, is the biggest snuggler)

  • they are clean, don’t smell and rarely challenge fence

  • they are one of the smaller breeds

  • highly sociable — they love being hugged and snuggled

  • super smart and very cute

Click here for an application. Once an application is approved, a non-refundable $350 deposit will be required. All piglets will have vaccinations, microchips and be de-wormed. REGISTRATION is pending DNA confirmation. Castration can be arranged for those piglets in a non-breeding home.

carla@empoweredbyhorses.com 604.809.3494.

Piglets first drink
Good Morning from Eddy at 3 weeks
Snuggles and building relationships
Bernadette, Arny, Percy, Eddy and Andy

AKKPS – Registration number 7370 (Boar)
ACF Te Whangi  1 – ARNY

Arny is a wonderful reflection of the breed standard for Kune Kunes. He is strong, straight legs, strong back and the sweetest face. His temperament is much like his father Finn who is gentle and laid back as they come. Arny is loving his new home in 150 Mile House with other Kune Kune friends.

AKKPS – Registration number 7371 (Boar)
ACF Te Whangi  2 – ANDY

Andy is also an exceptional representation of the Kune Kunes. Andy is a favorite of a few visitors to the farm with his curious and playful demeanor. He is strong, stout with a cute face. Double wattles. Updated July 2019 Andy is $2000 and ready to be part of an approved family. He will be an excellent addition to any breeding program. 

AKKPS – Registration number 7370 (Boar)
ACF Te Whangi  3 – EDDY

Eddy and Harry are now in their new forever home in Nakusp, BC. They are ambassadors for the Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society where they live with an array of other critters.

AKKPS – Registration number 7370 (Boar)
ACF Te Whangi  4 – HARRY

Harry and Eddy are now in their new forever home in Nakusp, BC with Eddy roaming the pasture land at the Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society.

AKKPS – Registration number 7370 (Boar)
ACF Te Whangi  5 – PERCY – SOLD

Percy and Scotty are together in their forever home in Langley, BC.

Percy is also a favorite largely because he is the smallest. Although Indy was born the smallest, Percy has been slow to grow although his feisty eagerness ensured he never missed out on a feeding. Percy would make an exceptional pet or addition to a hobby farm. 

AKKPS – Registration number 7370 (Boar)
ACF Te Whangi  6 – SCOTTY – SOLD

We are thrilled that Scotty and Percy are together in Langley, BC

Scotty is the biggest of the herd with strong correct legs and back. He has a typical Kune Kune face, lovely ears and short snout. He loves to throw himself at people’s feet looking for belly rubs. He would be a wonderful addition to any breeding program and also a pet home or hobby farm. 

AKKPS – Registration number 7370 (Barrow)
ACF Te Whangi  7 – INDY

Indy is staying with us and is now a barrow. Although he likely would have been an exceptional breeding boar, he is more valuable to us as a developing therapy pig. Named after both Independence Day (born July 4) but more appropriately Indiana Jones. He is curious, the first to try new things and loves meeting new people. We will spend more even more time with him once his siblings are in their new homes. Indy is love. 

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Percy and the gang
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